Friday, August 14, 2015

Sophi's Magic Wand

Hyrum was being super cute with Sophi last night. (He is always so good at playing down with his little sisters, Going to miss him being here when school starts) So he helped her get a costume ready and he led out in a game where she was a princess with a magic wand.
I'll try to update this later with Hyrum here telling me what the game actually entailed, but as far as I could gather, she had a magic wand and would turn them into things and they had to play along. She's chasing Wesley and Ethan round and round the couch~
Bibbidi bobbidi boo!
Here she turned Ethan into a hot dog.
Then bad guy Hyrum stole the wand!
 And he turned Sophi into a cat
 And Ethan into a dog!
And they started a cat and dog fight. The boys play along and it makes them laugh to see Sophi getting totally into the imagination of it all. I love it when they play together.
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