Tuesday, November 17, 2015

3 to 6 Months

I love love love 3 to 6 months
~ I think it's my favorite baby age. They aren't as fragile as a newborn, but they're still tiny (well, Owen's kinda become a chunk - he's had a growth spurt the past month... but we'll take as tiny as we can get), so they're tiny yet also oh-so squishy and chubby, Plus they are fun and interactive! I love it.

Owen turned 3 months on the 27th of October. So he's just barely 3 months. So, unfortunately, I just barely rotated the clothes and put away the 3 month clothes and broke out the 3-6 month wardrobe, and he stinkin' barely fits in them! We had a little dress shirt for Church and had to squeeze it on him. Poor kid, mom insists on dressing up her doll and putting a shirt and tie on him. It was so cute, but it was tricky getting that top button buttoned with the rolls of that little neck in the way. He didn't like me after that. So this past Sunday might be the only time he dons the baby suit. It was so cute though. His expression is saying "Do you see what I endure?!?!"
I gotta go through it and put the small 3-6 months with the newborn to 3 month stuff. Cause I'm still keeping baby stuff for another few years. (shh! Don't tell Corey) Ethan took off the tie and unbuttoned his shirt when we got there, which I found ironic since it was Ethan who insisted that I take the sleeping baby out of his cozy blanket and pjs and put the Sunday clothes on him. Owen drips all over when he drinks his bottle though, so dressing him up just makes me stress about his clothes more. Better to just let a baby be in his pjs so he can spit up and mess his diaper without causing his mom undue worry. But then again, maybe just once a week it's fun to dress him up? Hmm, maybe I'll go find a bigger suit for him in the 6-9 month clothes so I can play dress up with him again. I love my baby doll, he's my little prince.
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