Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Today we enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving meal. My parents and my little sister and her husband were our dinner guests. We enjoyed setting up last night ~ the kids were excited when they saw how the tables were being decorated. We put on the place settings and plates and cups today as the time for the feast drew nigh. We had a nice table set for the adults:
A banquet table was set up for the all the "big kids" - youngest big kids was 8 year old through 15 year old
A little table set up for the toddlers. Lily wanted to sit at the table with the big kids until she saw that the gold pumpkin was set at the toddler table. "I guess I'll sit at the little table..."  
Once everyone had arrived, we offered a prayer of gratitude and began our feast.
It's fun to pull out decorations, lights and candles. I'm sure the kids wish we'd do it more often. I haven't been keeping up with my once a month goal from two years ago, but we will begin to try again. 
How's the food at the little table?
(Natalie, you're so cute!)
Kids enjoying the traditional turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes, ham, pumpkin bread... it was a feast. A bottle of sparkling apple cider at each table. 
The adult table - nice meal and dinner conversation.
I love fall leaves, even the fake ones. We've had them all over the house. After today we'll probably have to clean the up in exchange for winter decor, but I love fall the most.
I guess the meal's about over - kids are getting distracted from their food... Natalie's driving away.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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