Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Eldest of the Hibb Sibs

Today is my big sister's birthday. I was looking though old memory books and old photos to try and find a picture of us together that I could post on her facebook. I found a few, but facebook isn't letting me post them. I was going to put this one her wall. Aren't we cute?
But it wasn't letting me post them. I thought it was cause they were too big, but I saved them again as smaller files and it's still not working. SO, today's post is now a tribute to my big sister and our awesome siblings.
This picture above was taken her Senior year I think. Nice rugby shirts, eh? Camilla and I were soccer pals all through elementary and high school. This was one of our favorite AYSO teams - Crushers because we were orange like the orange soda Crush, and cause we were gonna crush all the other teams in our games.  And we did.
High school soccer was awesome too. We drove a big white station wagon to school. I remember our coach saying that it was funny that the two of the shortest players drove the biggest honkin' car.
She signed my yearbook right above that photo of my sophomore year, her junior. Doesn't she have nice handwriting.
She ends her autograph by letting me know that I'm bugging her to finish up, what a nice sister I was! So, let's talk about school for a second ~ Camilla began a tradition in our family that has carried on into my own ~ a tradition of excellent grades. I had to keep up with Camilla, she was a 4.0 student. So I mostly got 4.0's too. Which impressed Corey so much that it got me on his radar of top notch girls. Corey has that expectation for our own children now. Me, not so much, I think as a teen I let grades become more important to me than being honest, so I play the "A grades are good, but do not do get good grades at the expense of your integrity." Those are stories for another day.

Last of all, Camilla was by my side on one of the most important dates of my young adult life - my first date. And not just any first date, my first date with COREY
Thank you Camilla, wish we could see you more! I'm grateful you're part of my eternal family! xoxo

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