Saturday, November 28, 2015

Edible Turkeys

We are having friends over to visit today. I've got supplies ready for everyone to make turkeys. My children have been waiting patiently. Our friends hadn't arrived yet, they were running a little later than we planned, so I finally gave in and let my crew make their turkeys.
We didn't do as many as last time, but it was still good, and I can say I did something festive.
I should have gotten a picture of Abi's cause it was the best one - she made the feathers out of bananas and clementine wedges. Hyrum just went for pretzels.
Good enough. Owen fell asleep on Mel as our first guests arrived and we visited. I thought his little lets looked so cute.
 All tuckered out. 
I'd say that is his preferred way to nap, sitting on someone's lap with his back up propped up.. He's a cutie. 
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