Monday, November 9, 2015

Who Mayor

Our mornings start early and at different times for everyone. Joseph wakes up at 5:45 to leave at 6:15 for his before school band practice. I take him, and as soon as I get back home at 6:45 the jr. high kids are heading out with Corey for their before school jazz band practice. Then I get everyone else up and ready to head out the door at 8:30. So we have three school departure times, making for a 2.5 hour morning rush, if a rush can last 2.5 hours. So that is what our usual school mornings are like. And that is why we haven't figured out a way to do morning scripture time. So we read our scriptures at night. Night time isn't busy, but there are plenty of distractions. On Halloween night, with kids too high on sugar, we're trying to get a little spiritual but Joseph was causing a distraction as he was looking in the hall mirror and making faces... "Mom!!! Doesn't this look like a 'Who'?"

"Don't I look like the mayor from 'Horton Hears a Who?!?'" he asked again even more excitedly
which cause him to make himself laugh...
"Joseph! Pay attention to what we're reading!" ... "(wait, do it again...) Yeah, you look like a who! You're funny"
His siblings said they thought he looked a little bit like Steve Carell, WHO wouldn't you know is the voice for the mayor! Joseph channeling his inner Carell...
He had a hard time blowing out his upper lip without laughing and ruining the funny face.
..and then making the rest of us laugh...
And then everyone is making faces. All right, I guess we're done for tonight. What a goof. I'm glad we find such fun in something so simple as making faces. We've been doing it for years, might be a signature family trait/trademark. Here are some funny faces from years past~
While eating grapes.
In the elevator in Chile.
Melodie with broken glass
While rearranging furniture
Mel as a food critic
Good times, good times.
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