Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Natalie's Art

Natalie was drawing some pictures during scripture time this past weekend. She draws a scribble in the middle of a white sheet of paper, looks at it approvingly, and then tosses it aside as she goes on to the next white sheet of paper.
(We've been going through a lot of paper...)
That picture above is a moon! She drew it and said "Moon!" We were very proud of her. She also drew this smiley face. Pretty good you cute little two year old! Natalie is fast on Sophi's heels as the next smiley face artist!
Her cute little pictures were a small distraction from scriptures, but not too bad - no worse than our normal distractions.

Good drawing, Natalie! Now time for prayer!
Someone else said it, but as often happens, after prayer Natalie or Sophi will want a turn. I love to see their little folded arms and hear their little reverent mumblings. Love these sweet little girls.
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