Friday, November 27, 2015

Few More Pics

A few more pictures of Thanksgiving. Joseph took my camera and did some artistic shots (without permission)
(...but I was sitting right next to him and saw what he was doing.)
It's always good to get another person's perspective of things. He's not this short, he was just sitting down on a little chair.
That yellow chair there above at the kiddie table was Sophi's place. It has a full plate of Thanksgiving goodness, which was untouched by Sophi. She didn't want that yucky food. She hid upstairs during most of the meal as she tried to wait until the time that the cake would be open for eating. She finally gave in and ate some "cupcakes". They were pumpkin bread muffins, but I figured they might as well be cupcakes, so that's what we called them, and that's what Sophi ate for her Thanksgiving dinner.
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