Friday, November 20, 2015

Survived a Week Solo

Well, it's Friday! Which means we've almost made it, and that the hard part is over, phew! I've survived this week of school and carpool and band with Corey gone, and he'll be back tomorrow night around 9 pm. His trip to Brazil went well I believe, although we haven't really talked much. He'd been busy and so have I. We did get in one skype call. Look at my baby's baby blue eyes, he's so gorgeous.
Here's my computer screen after our call. 
We didn't argue over who wins the "my week was crazier than yours" title. But if we were to base our crazy weeks upon the expectations we had, than I know that mine was easier. Cause I had visions of total chaos and exhaustion. But everyone came to help me. My parents and Corey's parents helped to take the boys to their jazz band practices in American Fork, which was a huge blessing, and then there was another little miracle that happened that I'd like to share. Might just be a nice coincidence or a lucky break, but it was a miracle to me. I hope people were there to help Corey with all his stresses and burdens!

So my biggest worry was doing the morning carpool - Joseph has band at the high school and we have to leave for that by 6:15. We're usually a few minutes late. Then usually Corey takes the Jr. high crew to their before school jazz band practice at 6:45. (...although they are pretty consistent at leaving about 15 minutes late every time.) So, I was thinking I could just take two trips out every day, but I don't want to do that. I could make the Jr. high kids come with Joseph, but then we run a good chance of being 15 minutes late the whole week. And we also give a ride to a neighbor kid and I felt bad asking him to leave at 6:15. But the neighbor was willing to go early, so that was good cause it meant all the carpool times for the rest of the neighbors would be unaffected and would stay the same. So, then I just made sure my kids went to bed early so they would be ready on time. I told them we had to leave at 6:15 sharp, which means wake time of 5:30. Monday Joseph has late start, so he didn't have carpool that day and it was just the regular 6:45 carpool time. We left on time for that, yay, gave me hope for our 6:15 departure on Tuesday. But at school he found out that Tues morning band was cancelled, sweet! Then Tuesday at school he was told and texted me that it was going to be cancelled the whole week! The school is doing their musical play "Fiddler on the Roof" so the band teacher and other band members were having late nights at school rehearsing for that, so he gave them all the mornings off this week. Isn't that a little miracle! What a blessing to my little running ragged self that on the week that Corey is gone and I have to do both our carpools myself that one of them gets cancelled. Heavenly Father is so kind to me. I'm grateful Corey will be home tomorrow, praying for him to travel safely.
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