Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Plans

For Thanksgiving this year, we invited our friends, the "RMs" to come over so we could have a little 5 year Costa Rica reunion, celebrating our American Thanksgiving together while we were there in 2010. That 2010 Thanksgiving was really a memorable feast - we really felt like modern pilgrims in a new land, and the traditional Thanksgiving meal we all pulled together to make reminded all of us of our long lost home in the blessed US of A.

Corey was gone in Chile and I had another week or so until we went down to join him. I was very thankful to have friends from American to enjoy the holiday with. Not to mention that Melanie and Rachael were miracle workers with the meal, the food was delicious. Here is our Thanksgiving Eve, and Thanksgiving Day
Here we are 5 years later, and our families of 7, 5, and 7 have grown to 10, 7, and 10~ add the adults, and I've been mentally prepping myself for how to host 33 people, can we say party?

So anyway, that was our plan, but then unplanned things happened (a grandpa passed away, parent's on a mission in Guatemala came in town for the funeral and needed a place to go, I invited them to join us, but they decided to have it just be family, etc...) - so then we thought maybe we'd change our day to Wednesday? or Tuesday or Friday... What to do. We finally decided that we're just doing a get together on Saturday. So now we're going to spend some time with Corey's family on Wednesday and Thursday, and then for our Thursday feast we're going to do a much smaller than planned dinner here with us, my parents, and we're going to eat early enough that my little sister will be able to join us before she heads to feast with her inlaws. Glad we got it all figured out, and it should still make for a great holiday. I'm mostly excited about just two days of school this week, yay! I love days off from school
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