Friday, November 6, 2015

Little Man

I haven't been keeping up on the blog very well lately. Right now it's a Sunday evening and I've been whippin' out posts here to try and catch up, but truth be known, I was about 5 days behind.... because when Owen has given me any uninterrupted time this past week, I've told myself I should take advantage of it and get some shut eye, not blog...

So, yes, Owen... He hasn't been very nice to me. I dare say he's been my most difficult and challenging infant. My milk is gone cause he wasn't patient enough to wait for it to letdown. And cause I couldn't keep up with his demand. And as we try to keep up with the other 9 kids, I knew I didn't have it in me to try and pump, so that's how it's gone. The milk is gone. He probably would have told me if he could "Look, Mom, you've done good. I know you like to brag about how you nursed Natalie exclusively for 7 months, but you're body ain't what it used to be. You've been through the war, and it's okay. Please, help me out, I'm starving here..." So it's over between me and Owen. No escaping to my bedroom to nap and nurse a baby all day. He's just taking formula, and sometimes I think that is barely able to keep up with his demand. At 2 in the morning, when he thinks he's starving and I've got the water running waiting for some warm water to come out.... gosh, you'd think someone was twisting a knife in his back he's screaming so loud. I admire Corey's ability to shut it out.
During the wee hours of the morning I will talk to Owen and tell him "Look, if any of your older siblings had behaved the way you're behavin', well there's a good chance that I would not have had another child, which means YOU would not be here... so I think you best start shapin' up, little man!"
I love those little hands, I love your little bald head, I love you more than sleep. Sleep will come, you're only going to be my baby for a little while. Cherish the moments. I'll even try to cherish the moments at 3 a.m.
And Corey's not a slacker letting me handle Owen by myself - it's just what we're both used to since it used to be that I was the only means of milk for the baby. Corey's on toddler duty and always takes care of Natalie when she wakes up screaming bloody murder, or when Sophi wakes up calling for him, or when Lily starts running around from room to room half asleep cause she has to go to the bathroom. Someday we'll both get sleep! Until then, we shall continue to pray for strength and sanity to not fail us.
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