Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Beautiful Sunrise

As the sun was rising this morning, the cloudy sky turned all pink, purple, and blue. It was beautiful.
I've got a head cold, but body isn't achy or anything. I just look like I've been crying all day - it kinda feels like allergies. I feel like I need to sneeze and blow my nose, but lots of times the sneeze never comes so I'm just left on the verge of a sneeze with my nose tickling, which makes my whole face itch, eyes water, etc and then it starts over again. Maybe Hyrum got me sick - he stayed home yesterday. He had a sore throat. I guess I kinda have a sore throat. He slept most of the morning and then was feeling better. We were talking about our family plans for Christmas and New Years - we are going up to our friend's cabin again this year. Hyrum said he is a little nervous about the boys run in the snow at midnight - they usually take off their shirts and go barefoot, and he's afraid they'll make fun of him cause he's not ripped like Joseph or slender like Ethan. I told him it's in his genes. He could have gotten his father's genes, but unfortunately, he's got mine. We talked about weight and my worries about it when I was a kid, I'm glad I can relate to how he feels, in face I still feel it. I think we both have 20 pounds we could lose, so we might have a little contest. He's my new accountabilitly partner - to be logged on my exercise blog. :)
So haven't felt great, but still had a good day. I just cleaned the house all day and we got in out workout together tonight - and that was kinda funny ~ boy, EVERYONE wanted to join us and play on the treadmill! I was trying to actually workout, so I didn't stop and go get my camera, but it was pretty funny having a whole entourage join us in the small space in the basement, which I set up for one person - ME - but had 7 kids there plus myself, everyone except Joseph, Ethan and Owen. Silly kids. Good family bonding though I guess! I'll have my camera on hand next time (cause I'm sure there will be a next time!)
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