Monday, December 28, 2015

Creative Artists

Today, as we cleaned up the girls' room, I picked up a piece of lined paper with a drawing on it. i had to look twice. Melodie drew it, it's an octopus! Isn't she creative?
She also made these little trees for some of her siblings for Christmas. 
And let us not forget the binkin mustache she made out of sculpty clay for Owen!!
(He is the CUTEST thing EVER!!)
Melodie is such a crafty lady, she's my kind of girl. Runs in the family apparently. Ethan made the "Y" picture here for Wesley and also gave him the rainbow one he made at school ~
...which inspired Wesley, and then he made the dragon today.
Fun stuff, I love seeing things they make. Things like this I love and I keep. I throw away most of the coloring books once those are all drawn in and discarded. I keep some of the little drawings the toddlers do that show their progress cause those things are just precious to see. Natalie is drawing a lot lately - She's a studious art student! She likes to go deep with just one drawing instrument. Here is her Lalaloopsy pencil drawing. Abi probably did the other side of the page. Natalie was getting in the way of Lily and Sophi's doll game, so I knew she's take the bait and leave them alone when I said "Natalie! Want to go color?" Yay! Color!
Even opening Christmas presents can't compete with coloring. On Christmas over at Corey's parent's house, Natalie was focused like a laser in the art zone while all the other grandkids opened gifts from Grandma in the front room. Natalie, do you want to go open a present? Nope, not interested at all.

I do keep the elementary school journals, those are great. But most of the school papers and homework assignments that they do at school, unless they reflect something about my kids' individual personalities or lives, are thrown in the trash as soon as they come home in the folder. Can you imagine how much of a school papers collection we'd have if I didn't toss them? (yikes!)
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