Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Well, it has officially snowed. Over a foot yesterday and more on the way today. It would have been fun for Rafael and Natalia to see a Utah winter in it's full glory, but alas, they just missed it. We're glad that they got to see it falling from the sky though. Natalia had asked me what it looks like when it falls down. So they got to see that but they didn't get to see the shoveling or driving in snow. I snow blowed the driveway once yesterday morning, then Corey did it two more times during the day, cause it just never stopped coming. Here's a picture our neighbor took of her husband and Corey both out there blowing it.
Yep, lots of snow. Yesterday most of the kids at school didn't show up. Unfortunately for my kids, our carpool neighbor has a monster truck with four wheel drive, so they all got to school. Then Ethan texted me the rest of the day begging me to come get him so he could come home. Sorry buddy, your father forbade me to leave the house in this weather. So yesterday, eventhough we all heard snow was coming, it hit most people unprepared. Today the schools were ready and sent messages out that it would be a late start day. The Jr. high and high school were an hour later, the elementary 2 hours. I left at the normal time to take Joseph to band and we got there okay - about 23 minutes instead of the usual 15 to get there, so not too bad. There were no accidents, people were just driving slow and cautious. The elementary kids spent their two extra hours this morning making snow angels, that's a great way to start the day.
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