Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! 
We had a good day today. We started off the day doing my favorite thing and had the kids work hard for 3 hours cleaning the house (you know, so Santa will believe that they've been good) and then we were off for fun and games. We first went to Lehi to play games with my side of the family- some great minute to win-it games and running around an open gym. Then we went for more food and fun with Corey's family.

Of course, after we got home, with it being Christmas Eve and all, the kids were much too excited to go to bed. Even Owen had the giggles, and he always gives us the giggles when he's got the giggles. Our cheeks were hurting! Owen's got cheeks of steel, or a good poker face, I don't know how he smiles so big without cracking!
(He is the cutest!)

So, back home, it's late now, but we weren't quite ready for bed. We were ready for the kids to go to bed, but they were still up with demands. First was feeding Owen and getting him to bed. I was upstairs rocking him and watching tv when A Dickens' Chrsitmas by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir came on. I went downstairs and turned off the Mission Impossible flick that was on and told the kids to gather for family scriptures after this Christmas message. Good program, it made me think of the spirit of Christmas and how I can have it. Too late for this year, but I'm taking notes for 2016. It made me realize I have a lot to work on, cause I still am of the opinion that money really could fix a lot/most of my problems and help me with my wants (am I deceiving myself?) Like, I really could donate a lot to Sub for Santa and the refugees if I had more loot.Wondering if my thinking is off. Anyway, after it was done, I turned off all the lights (to stupefy the toddlers to sleep) and turned on a candle. We read scriptures by the candle light. It worked to calm them down. Soon, they were off "to bed." Corey and I waited a bit, and then we went out to play Santa.
The stockings were hung by the fireplace mantle, white tree aglow, presents under the white tree. The kids were under the green tree. It's a tradition that they started themselves in 2007 or so - they asked if they could sleep under the tree, we said sure, and now they have to every year. "It's tradition!" I'm glad it's a simple one, and one they own, one that has magic in it all created by the kids, I was never involved. So, Corey and I went to bed around 2 a.m. Joseph slept in his room, Owen and Natalie were up in our room. Christmas jammies everywhere!
Good night little boy

The rest of them in the front room: Soph crashed during scriptures and was on the couch in her Christmas jammies.
Abi on the left on the couch, Wes huddled close to the heat vent.
Lily and Mel
Ethan on the other couch, Hyrum under the desk~
Looks like we're all ready. One last pic of the tree from the top of the stairs where we said good night to ourselves.
One last thing, Abi wanted to leave Santa milk and cookies. Ethan helped her and they came up with the best they had, Ritz crackers and orange juice.
Corey drank the oj, and then put the crackers back in the box, except for one that he smashed up and made crumbs out of.
(The next morning when Hyrum saw the plate, he joked "Woah, Santa is a messy eater..." That made me laugh to imagine a Santa eating Ritz crackers like he's cookie monster or something~ funny!) 
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