Thursday, December 3, 2015


We have some friends from Brazil visiting us. They're here for work - Rafael works for Corey. But Natalia came too and is glad she did - she's been able to see Temple Square and all the church sites and also saw snow for the first time. and we've had fun running errands. She's got a big list of stuff to buy - she's playing Santa for family and friends back home. We've gone to Costco and Kid to Kid and Walmart together ~ so much to buy! So little room in the luggage...
She's gone in with Corey and Rafael to work a few times cause the M0vie M0uth office has lots of good store by it. ~ Ross, Home Goods, Dollar Tree, Toys R Us, and Ross again... shop shop shop. We love to shop. As we walked around Walmart, Sophi saw these bottles of cleaning chemicals and said "Ooo! Juice!"
Yes, purple and blue Pine Sol juice. Something else Sophi says that totally makes me laugh - on more than one occassion we've had to go get socks and underwear for kids, and as you go in our come out of those isles, you will be met by lots of a certain item of clothing. When Sophi sees them, she says "Oooh! Shells!!" Yup, shells. "I really want some shells Mommy." and my favorite "Tiger shells!!" Isn't that cute? I think it's so funny. Yes, there are lots of mermaids shopping for shells around here. 

To keep with the spirit of shopping, we've also watched a bit of QVC this week which I never did before. I was feeding Owen, the kids were done with homework, it was almost time for bed, so we turned on the tv to await for them to all gather in. There was a lame show on BYUtv, inappropriate entertainment on most all the other channels, so what to do? We went to QVC. Last week they convinced me that we need an igrow helmet in this house. And today they convinced me to get a wig But before you know it, wow, we're all talking about wigs. I didn't know that I wanted a wig when I woke up this morning, but wow, I want a wig! Have you see these Hairdo wigs? A great way to pretend you have short hair without needing to be brave enough to chop your hair or wait years for it to grow back. I might just get one someday. Pretty good marketing, even Corey said they've convinced him that it's a must have! 
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