Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Not Forgotten

Remembering and thinking of Shannon today. She was awesome, miss her, she passed away 4 years ago.

Today was a good day. Hyrum was playing really cute with Natalie this evening. He got her to play with her "baby"! I was very excited, I guess her baby has a hold on my heart too, cause it reminds me of her. But with our real baby Owen, and with all the toys here at home, this little leopard has been kinda forgotten since we got back from Brazil. So I was really happy to see her playing with it -
Hyrum got her to play a game with all her leopard family and their babies. The toy shopping cart was their family car.

And she doesn't like us to call the blue leopard "baby" anymore - the blue one is the daddy, the pink the mommy, I don't know about the grey one - I think Hyrum's called it the big sister, and then 3 babies.
Riding in Hello Kitty's van - I love cross play!
Hyrum also brought up a toy house that is now for the Beanie Boos. He is such a good brother to all his little sisters and Owen too. He's great. If you want a good babysitter, you got one in Hyrum.  
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