Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I've Got A Match!

Natalie runs around without her clothes on a lot. She takes baths A LOT too. That probably contributes to it (just such a hassel to get dressed after a bath when you're just gonna hop in the tub again in another hour). She also just doesn't seem to care for clothes. I do make her get dressed when we leave the house (but she will NOT wear a coat or jacket, even when there is snow!) When we come home from errands, like most of our children, Natalie leaves a trail of socks and shoes from the garage door to the stairs, but she takes it up a notch and throws off not only her socks and shoes, but shirts and pants as well. I come over to the stairs to find a little pile of clothes on the floor and its like she just vanished in the rapture or something.

Anyway, as she ran around in her preferred lack of attire, I was changing Owen's clothes and remembered - I need to get a picture!
My two kids in diapers! I've got to get another picture for my matching game that I'm going to make someday! Look at Owen, he's such a happy boy now. 
I've good streak going with getting pictures of my diapered kids the past few years. Here we have Abi and Lily ~
Lily and Sophi ~
And I couldn't find my Sophi toddler Natalie baby picture, I shall keep looking...) And now Natalie and Owen!
I love my babies.
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