Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sometimes Dumb

Joseph was making us laugh today. He was telling us how a few years ago he was so curious about the "Cali For Nia" shirts that he saw so many people wearing at school. He thought Cali was a girl and she was "for" Nia, whatever Nia was? (an endangered bear?) He didn't really understand it. Until one day, when said to himself as he jokingly felt left out "I want a Cali for Nia shirt..." and then he realized it sounded like California. And it indeed was California. He was glad that no one else knew he was clueless as to what the shirt was about. Cause sometimes when you feel dumb you're glad people don't know about it.
He's been embarrassed in front of a group of people before, that's a little humiliating. He reminded us of a time we were all playing pictionary, and Joseph got the word "leopard" as in the animal. He looked at it and quickly passed on to the next card shaking his head as he said "I don't even KNOW what a Le-o-pard is!" (like leotard). We all laughed and said "Do you mean leopard?"

He got embarrassed in front of all of us again recently, this time it was regarding Abraham Lincoln. Joseph was taking a Quizlet quiz for school. He had a question about our 16th president and when he put "Lincon" as the answer it said he got it wrong. That's not wrong, I know that was "Lincon"! When he looked at the correct answer, it was Lincoln, yes, but how very curious... they spelled it with an extra L in it. "Hm, spelled wrong on Quizlet. That's weird." Shortly thereafter, at school, his history teacher wrote Lincoln on the board and it was once again incorrectly spelled with an L. Joseph didn't want to embarrass him by pointing it out in front of everyone, so he just thought "Ah, I'll let him find out on his own..." And then again a day or so after that he noticed on a map that there in Nebraska... weird - there was a city called "Lincoln" "Hmm, they spelled it with an L too, weird!" And he googled it at school to check. Google has it with an L. He asked the girl next to him in the library... "Don't you think it's weird that they spelled Lincoln with an L?" And she looked at him confused by his question. "Is that how they spell it?" "Yes." What? He remained calm in front of the girl but then asked his bff Talmage "Did you know Lincoln was spelled with an L?" Um, yeah? "What?! When did you learn that?!?" Uh, 3rd grade? WHAT? Joseph's world was shattering. Joseph was amazed that everytime he'd ever seen the name Lincoln, he hadn't noticed the L. He wondered ~ What DO I know?!? What do I NOT know?!?! He went up to Ethan... "Ethan, spell Lincoln" Ethan got it correct, and Joseph continued his fall. "Hey Mel, spell Lincoln?" Correct. "Hyrum, spell Lincoln" "L-i-n-c-o-L-n." WHAT?!?! Hyrum knew it, cause he was Lincoln. Wes got it wrong, but "He's in 5th grade, I'm in 10th!!" It was pretty funny.
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