Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Some drawings by my little girls. This one is a portrait of me done by Lily during scripture reading this past week.
I think she's got my post-partum belly about right. Next we have a book that Abi authored which is titled "My Mom"

Our new word of the day is OSUM! And my favorite part of the story was where I said "Come eat food."

And this below is a picture of our family that Sophi drew. This was at bedtime a few nights ago, as I went around to count kids, I went into the girls' room and said goodnight. Sophi looked up at me with a sad little scowl and said "I a bad girl." "You're a good girl!" I said with a smile. Melodie clued me in - "She doesn't like the picture she just drew so she's been saying she's a bad girl."
She must have quit before she finished everyone, but I love Sophi's little people drawings.
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