Monday, January 4, 2016

Back to the Grind

School's in session again, boo. I'm already struggling. All my helpers are gone all day. And now I just sit around and don't get anything done. When I do get Owen to sleep I'm faced with the dilemma all mothers face of do I take a nap to try and catch up on sleep? or do I try to actually get something done? I haven't been taking naps, but he doesn't sleep long. Seems like I just kinda hold him all day. Or see how long he'll play in his supersaucer while I try to load the dishwasher or wipe off the table. I'm grateful I can watch the 11:00 devotionals, they are on everyday. They save me.

Yeah, I'm in a bad mood. Feeling like a victim. Might be cause I'm exhausted. Waking up several times everynight for 5+ months will do that. Might also be because Corey was out of commission all weekend with a bad cold - in bed for 48 hours. He was able to function a little bit on Sunday night after the neighbors saved us with their Tylenol. I have plenty of Children's Tylenol. Don't ask me why I don't have any for adults? Gotta remember to pick up some of that. He felt well enough to eat so the kids hurried and brought him food. What to eat first? The toast before it gets cold? or the cereal before it gets soggy? He did his best to stay on top of both servings.
And then it was back to reality today. I was able to survive with Corey sick cause I had all my kids to help. Now it's just me biding my time all day until they return. I need to figure out how get a better handle on my life. Wish they weren't in school. Sigh.
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