Monday, January 11, 2016


Joseph has always been a pretty intense kid. He's approaching all the changes of life as a teenager with his usual "go get 'em" attitude. So, since he's 16 now (like, for over 24 hours), and since this just happens to be the first day the DMV is open since he turned 16, he says it's time to go get that driver's license. So, since we really didn't do too much for his birthday, I thought maybe this could count and give us a little bit of points for not being total flaky parents. Ok, Joseph, I'll pick you up from school and we'll go to the DMV. I'll even let you drive to see how you do and make sure we want to go through with this.
He's a pretty good driver. Ok. Into the DMV we went. The DMV has come a long way since I turned 16. We were in and out of there in 10 minutes, I kid you not. We walked right up to the desk, no line ~ "Got your application? Thank you, sign here. Sit and say cheese." We didn't even have a chance to sit down cause they called his number so quickly. "Now - serving - B - 109 - at - window - 16"
He came prepared with all his certified documents again, but I guess we didn't need them since they were in the system from when he got his permit. Still, so responsible!
He even paid his own $30 fee. 
I almost helped him out, hate seeing all that birthday cash disappear so quickly, but since we're letting him play grown up, I did my best to resist. (Paying for a high school parking pass tomorrow, it just disappears, huh!)
Natalie and Sophi were running around and laughing, so fun to leave the house!! Owen, or is that Joseph? (blink-blink) Woah, when did that happen? Where's my little Joe boy? I got a tall young man as a kid? And time goes by. So we left, then he drove us home as we talked about what days he can have the car. I only need it on Wednesdays, so if I just schedule my time and do my errands that day too (or wait until after he is home) then I don't have to drive him to school in the mornings anymore! Hey, I guess I could get used to this! He's going to take the car to school tomorrow and is even going to (gulp) drive himself to his band practice in American Fork tomorrow evening. He's been driving there for the past year with Corey in shotgun, I guess it's time to let him fly. Good luck Joseph, we'll be praying for you!
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