Sunday, January 10, 2016


Ethan had the time of his life in Louisville Kentucky this past weekend with his band, the Little Big Band of Caleb Chapman Music, for the JEN Conference (Jazz Education Network). His plane left Wednesday around noon, he got home today at 2. We got to watch all the fun via the facebook of one of the chaperones, Erica (who is hilarious!) They took good care of him and all the kids.
Ethan's depressed now, poor kid. Here are some pictures of the fun he had via his instagram (btw, sooo annoying that you can't just right click and "save image" on those, I had to print screen and paste in paint and select and copy and shrink and paste and save for each one of these photos, you're welcome Ethan for my efforts to preserve your young teenage memories...)
With Victor Wooten above, Wycliffe Gordon below
Jeff Coffin gave Ethan a thumbs up after his solo
The Galt House hotel, Ethan had a great time on his trip and would have loved for it to last longer, like, forever...
At the airport on the way home~ so sad when a party comes to an end.
Back to snowy Utah.  
He's been sleeping most of the day today, asked me to wake him up early tomorrow at 5 so he can do his homework. Sorry it's back to reality, Ethan, but if it makes you feel better, we're very glad to have you back home.
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