Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ski Day

We had a fun day skiing yesterday and a bit of an adventure too... Abi and I had to be rescued by the ski patrol, we were stuck. Here's how it went down~ In the morning, Corey and most of the kids went out skiing. Corey and the 10 year olds Wes, Tess and Anna, all stuck together, and the older kids went on their own in groups. Here is the view from the cabin's deck - the run goes right past the back deck of the cabin. Have fun Wes!
I stayed at the cabin with the kids 8 and younger. I knew that Corey woke up not feeling very well. (...His staying up til 2:30 talking with Joseph and his friends probably contributed to that...) but fatherhood calls, so out he went.
Abi wanted Corey to come back to take her out and kept asking when Dad would be back to get her. I texted Corey per her request. All he said was that it was really really cold. Everyone that came back was really pink in the face. I was surprised with how long Corey and his trio stayed out considering the freezing cold and his ill feeling body. When he came back around 1:00 he went to bed. Sorry Abi, your dad can't take you. When Ethan came back, I tried his boots on and they fit me fine, so I borrowed his skis and coat and was able to find enough winter gear to keep me alive and I told Abi I'd take her out. We had to walk all the way across the parking lot (so sad!) to get to the Explorer Hill for her to warm up and get her ski legs back with.

After 2 runs on that, I didn't want to wait in the long line again for such a short run, plus she was ready for a green. Come on, Abi, let's go. So over to Majestic we went, down Mary Back and Lost Maid. She did awesome. 
The far side of those runs on Majestic puts us on a path that leads to Milly's Express. The Milly runs are close to the cabin.

Ethan was ready for us to come back so he could go out. I told him we were going to do one more quick run. I hadn't run Milly yet this year, and thus in my state of ignorance for how hard it is, had a lapse in judgement and though we should take the lift up and just ski down to the cabin. Yes, that would be fastest. Plus, who wants to walk all the way across the parking lot?!? That would take forever! Plus, Majestic's lift is way slow. Yes, this is a good idea, it's 2:15, we'll just do a quick run and be done, cause it was super cold, and it was also really really really windy. So windy, in fact, that shortly after we were dropped off at the top, they closed the lift. We were going slowly because the wind was blowing so hard and we couldn't really see the path. Plus now there were no skiers coming by us to show the way. We went around Backdoor but missed Main street. I tried to hold her between my legs and let her hold the poles, but we fell and were just having a rough time. Looking at the map now I'm guessing we went left of Mainstreet and toward the blue and black diamond runs.
We tried to ski again, but it was too steep for Abi and she was paralyzed. It looked like "cliffs" everywhere, as Abi says, so we took of our skis again and I'm holding her and my skis and my poles and we were going no where fast as we did our best to slide down the hill till we found the green run (which wasn't going to be there). But without our skis off, we couldn't walk very well cause we kept falling through the snow. No one was around. After 50 minutes of trying to get down the hill, I summed up at that our current rate we were going to be on the mountain for about 3 more hours. So I gave up with our efforts and called Corey to ask his advice. He called Ski patrol for us, and they were sweeping the mountain still anyway, and a nice man name Scott came by and asked if we needed help. Yes please! I think we were near the top somewhere after where Exhibition and Easy Out split. He showed us where to go to hike up to get back on Main, Abi didn't want to ski though so she said she'd just walk it down. No, that's not going to work. He asked "Do you want me to get a snow mobile for you?" Yes please. And then a few minutes later a nice man on a snow mobile loaded the both of us on and drove us down the hill to the cabin. Abi was thrilled "I can't wait to tell Juju that I rode a snowmobile!!" (I thought the snowmobile was going to tip over as he went across the hill, and I've had that happen before, not fun! I was totally leaning trying to keep it upright. I didn't trust it, but I did trust the driver that he knew what it could handle.) We arrived safely and I went in and it took me a while to warm up and even longer to calm my nerves. Corey and Ethan had gone looking for us but luckily they weren't too far, as it was for them the same as it was for us, which is slow in the snow. Corey was ready to brave the storm though, even if it killed him, he'd risk his life for me. I felt bad for leaving Owen for so long and for Ethan that I kept his skis longer than our agreed time of one hour.
Next time we'll walk across the parking lot!
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