Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pirate Game

On Saturday, during the last free moments before the school routine kicked in again, Abi and Lily played a pirate game.
They dressed up in their pirate costumes and boarded their ship to sail for adventure and secret treasure. Unfortunately, the ship crashed, and Captain Abi and pirate Lily were washed ashore.
Luckily they didn't lose their treasure map in the sunken ship. Melodie made the nao, cause she's our creative genius. This is the second one she made actually. The first map had things marked around the house for what they were, aka stairs, girls room, kitchen, etc. Abi asked if she could make it more "pirate-y". So the kitchen became the Land of Kitch, the girls room became "Girls Island", the stair became "The Ralls of Carpet" - so fun!
Now to go find that treasure!

 Ah! The key to the treasure box!

They had to sail again, so they built their own ship. Music stand doubles as a sail, nice.
Pirate Lily ready to protect her shipmates from any local troublemakers (aka brothers)
And X marks the spot, the treasure was in "Isle of Laundry"

Mel had put some treats and jewelry and toy money in the treasure box. Thanks Mel for helping your little sisters' imagination game be even more fun!
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