Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back to the Grind

We're back and life is in full swing. I shall try to catch up on my Hawaii entries over the next few days. I took a lot of pictures, so hard to narrow it down (from the PCC) or to find one that does the scenery justice (going through 200+ pictures I took of ocean waves, the waves were just soooo cool, none of my pics really do them justice. So, yeah, will try to blog about our great little trip when I have a spare moment. We're all pretty busy right now with the usual - band, school, changing diapers, housework, etc. Ethan stayed up last night until 2 working on his science project. We both stayed up and helped him make his trifold board a little bit. Then when he woke up he felt too sick to go to school. Stomach ache.
He might have the flu... there's a good chance the throw up bug will be making the rounds... it started last night with Natalie throwing up two different times at the top of the stairs. Followed by Sophi throwing up first all over her bed and then on the area at the top of the stairs at 6 this morning -
She got the same spot that Natalie got last night. (I'm glad we moved her off of our shag carpet where she fell asleep last night. So after catching up on vacation laundry for everyone yesterday, I've got loads to wash again today of floor towels and bath towels (had Sophi sleep on a towel, it caught a little bit of the damage) blankets, sheets and mattress covers. Natalie seems totally better, but she also was very cute and happy last night right before we all saw her throw up during scripture time. Owen was up early, then he took an early nap. He's so cute, look at that little exhausted mouth
So, we'll see if we have a full on barf week with everyone getting the sick bug, or if it's will just be, like, only half of us!
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