Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I Didn't Cry

I have been home for about an hour after dropping off Owen. He's spending two days with Corey's brother and his wife. And then my little sister Beka will be watching him for three days. And then my mom will have my baby in the car when she picks us up at the airport at 7 am Tuesday morning. It was a long drive home. I listened to 1 Nephi 1-9 on the drive. Before I turned that on, I was thinking of Owen and I could have started letting the tears flow, but I guess I'll use a strategy we use on the kids to help them not fuss: distraction. If I can just keep myself distracted for the next 6 days, I should be able to not cry while we're apart. I am excited to have a few nights of uninterrupted sleep. Sorry to my family that's watching Owen that you won't be. But it's just for a few days.
This past Sunday at church, I received an answer of how to behave when I'm feeling sleep deprived. The lesson in Releif Society was an introduction to Howard W. Hunter, the latter day prophet that we will be studying this year. In the January Ensign, there is an interview with his son Richard. Richard went to law school like President Hunter did, and when it was hard he asked his father how he managed... "When did you sleep?" (and my ears perked up) President Hunter replied that "he studied as much as he could, and when he was so tired that he couldn’t study anymore, he would sleep for three to four hours. That went on for five years. I marveled at his grit." My Owen has only made my nights tough for 5 months. I know it won't last for 5 years without a bit of a break, so I can handle this. I can have some grit like President Hunter. I resolved after that lesson to work harder, to leave it in the Lord's hands, I will trust in him to help me through the days and renew by body and give me strength.
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