Saturday, January 9, 2016

Joseph is 16!

Yes, a 16 year old! Are we ready for this? Where did our little Joe go? (What a cute little guy!)
Well, ready or not, the time has come. Joseph is super super excited to date and drive (in that order.)
I think I'll start taking a birthday picture of each kid on their birthday, like a nice one. Here is my first attempt with Joseph. I took this picture of him today after he got home from the temple. He went with Corey and his friends Scotty and Talmage to the temple to perform baptisms. (what a good kid) I took it at his grandmother's request, she makes these awesome Priesthood lineage print outs for the boys each time they are ordained to a different office of the priesthood and she needed a current picture of Jospeh. As I took this photo, I thought it would be a nice tradition, so hopefully I'll remember to do this on the next kid's birthday. So, after they got home, and I told Joseph I didn't make a cake yet. So he made it. And he grabbed the Angel food cake mix and made it like a regular cake (meaning he beat it for 2+ minutes) so it was nice and frothy and soon we had an exploding burning cake in the oven. "What is that smoke smell?"
Angel food cake burning on the pizza stone. 
We tried to finish cooking it to see if some of it could be saved, but it just kept growing bigger and was still wet, so Joseph made brownies instead and we let the whole angel cake sloop down the disposal. He laid out his loot all over his bed to admire it. he feels so rich right now. But poor kid, we're making him start to pay for stuff (like his private lessons and $3K of his tour expenses) ...but enjoy that feeling for the day that it last, Joseph!
He had plans to go on a date, but then his friends had to work, and this and that, so he stayed home with all of us instead. Trying on his new bowties - which he learned how to tie via this nice youtube video (cause the instructions that came with the tie are absolutely useless)
Then time to blow out 16 candles on his dino cake.
Putting some extra sugar sprinkles and frosting on there, cause we all know those store bought cakes don't have enough frosting. "Happy birthday to me!"
Mel wrote "Joe" with some long sprinkles. They put some green frosting on the mouth, it's a plant the dinosaur is eating.
All those candles so close together, gonna start a fire. Wishing you a great 16th year Joseph!
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