Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Head Hugs

Owen is such a little sweetheart. This picture does a good job of capturing his sweet personality ~
He's quiet and cautious. He's loyal to people he knows, like his mother, and wary of strangers, like the pediatrician. That picture of him at his 15 month check up last Tues (Nov 1st). He stayed close to me like that during the exam. She was able to check his heart beat and everything with him giving my leg a head hug. I would have held him had I not been nursing Daniel. Owen trusted me, even when I let them give him 3 shots in his sweet little thighs. I'm glad we're still friends. Owen is still a baby, must be rough to have to share your babyhood with a new kid. He seems to like him well enough. When I nurse Daniel on the couch, Owen will come over and head hug the sofa arm rest and will reach up and pat Daniel on the head ~
And as he moves his hand side to side rubbing Daniel's hair he will often inadvertently poke him in the eye. These two boys are going to be a fun duo. Friends may come and go, but brothers are forever!
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