Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Play Nest

Natalie and Sophi have a new game. They call it "house" but I call it "nest". Cause it really doesn't look like a house. So they'll start gathering all the couch pillows and I say "What are you doing?!" as I'm suspicious they are ruining my efforts of creating a house of order. "We're going to make our house!" they tell me. "Okay, but you have to put all the pillows back..." "We will mom!" (lie) And then they continue to gather every pillow and blanket they can find from beds and sofas and they put them in a big high pile on the ottoman. Here is one of their designer homes ~
They like to snuggle in down and deep in the couch with pillows and blankets all around them and then they just sit there still and silent, like bubbles frozen in an ice cube. The older kids will walk by and look at them... "What are you doing Sophi?" "We're playing house!" We think it's a little funny, but they take this game quite seriously.  And on some afternoons Natalie will take a break from playing to take her nap in the demolished house.
Then there is another fun game they play with this great set up, a favorite of kids everywhere: jump from the couch onto the pile of pillows. Nice and fluffy, and luckily they haven't fallen off onto the floor yet.
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