Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lego Baby

On Sophi's birthday, my mother gave me a gift: a lego set of Minifigures that I could use as bribes for the kids or in any other way I wanted. Well there was a baby in there that we knew would be a hot item because of the kids adoration for it on Hyrum's birthday. Everyone wanted the baby. So I made a rule - first kids to do 4 things for 7 days gets it. Didn't have to be consecutive (cause then no one would ever earn it...) The 4 things: bed, bedroom, clothes, and a chore. It took Wesley a month, but he did it. He was the only one that actually tried or heard me when I established the "earn the lego baby" rule. Anyway, he was pretty excited. He has been making space ships and cars for the baby...
Lily helped him make more cars and space ships... the Lego baby has a fleet of 6 vehicles so far.
Lily made this car for the baby to bring home his groceries in.
I took close up photos of all 6 cars/ships, but you get the idea, right? It's fun, I like it when the kids play with their toys, especially considering how much we've spent on legos over the years... it's nice to see the investment paying off.
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