Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Owen is just a sweet little head with big blue eyes. He's been getting brave enough to stand up on the kitchen step stool. (Only fallen off once so far...) It's cute cause he just barely reaches the counter top. Joseph met Owen at his level and shared some peppermint marshmallows with him.
But Owen wasn't interested in eating marshmallows. He did like to play with them though.
He'd lift them up sooo high and then let them drop.
But they would stick to his fingers. But it was cute and he played with them for 5 minutes while we watched his sweet simple toddler game. He's so cute.
Here is Joseph and Owen being cute again - Joseph teasing Owen as he ate potatoes and tried not to share. This is a little similar to what was happening with Ethan and the sucker ~ sweet little Owen, we love you! 

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