Friday, November 11, 2016

Juggling Eggs

Another Friday is here, and I'm trying to catch up blogging. Life is happening fast. This Calvin and Hobbes cartoon pretty much sums up how things are going 'round here...
It's kind of a mess. Work for Corey is as stressful and burdensome as ever as he continues to boot-strap things along. And after a hard day at work, he has a whole house of broken eggs to come home too. It's just hard. So, in an effort to give him some space, we have two things: 

1) Corey now has an office. A real "no one is allowed in but Dad" office. He had an office before but as we talked about why that didn't work, it was discovered that it wasn't really a space for him. I cluelessly put music stuff in there, cause I figured "Corey helps the kids with music, so we'll put this in 'Corey's' space too..." So he wasn't able to go in there and really get away and I'm glad we discovered my error. I've been shaking my head at him for years wondering why he sits to work on the couch in the front room - "we'll of course the little kids are gonna get at you there!!" but there was no safe space for him to go. And we all know how important safe spaces are these days. So I had recently designated that room as my office, but I spent Nov 2nd moving all my files and papers out and now it's his. Complete with a sliding lock to bolt the door. This was my office looked like before:
It looks about the same now, same 3 pictures on the wall, but all the books are off that shelf and I put a little coffee table in front for Corey's laptop. So I'm moving things around. All my stuff is now all over the floor in the basement. Need to get that organized, but atleast its down and hidden where my beloved won't see it. Unfortunately it is within the reach of all the little hands around here. But fortunately the toys get their attention before my books and papers do. Corey's office is now the cleanest room in the house, and will stay that way if he has the will power to not open up when little kids come a knocking. Natalie got a bobby pin and was using it to try and unlock it recently. Corey thought it was cute and opened up for her. But now he knows he does it at his own risk - door open means he's fresh meat, and he can prepare himself to handle that. 

So that is thing 1. Thing 2: Corey's asked to have a maid come. A Brazilian maid. Wesley is a guy in our ward who served in Campinas and she's started to clean their house... she's looking for more work... Wesley said he'd ask around. So he asked Corey at church and Corey offered to have her come for a trial clean. I still have the fantasy of the kids helping me out enough that even with a newborn baby there is no need for a maid, but it might be a fantasy that will never turn reality. So, I've stepped it up a little but relented that I'm willing to give it a test run. So she'll be here next Thursday, hope she can get some of these eggs cleaned up for us... we should probably stop juggling so much!
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