Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Eve

Ahh! The wonderful week of Thanksgiving is upon us. That means we only had 2 days of school!! So Monday morning I told the kids to just pretended it was already Thursday, aka Friday Eve. So Tuesday was really a Friday and now it's Wednesday but it's already the weekend!!! Yay, a nice long school free weekend :) It is nice to not have a morning school rush. So we've just been hanging out and enjoying the break. Corey's family is going to celebrate the holiday up in Park City and we're also getting together with my family tomorrow afternoon for the Thanksgiving meal. The kids have received permission to go to Park City tonight if they complete the following tasks: Bed, Room, Clothes/Closet, Outside Chore, Inside Chore, Find Winter Gear. It took a bit of nagging to get them to stop playing, but most of them earned the right to go up. I made a huge mess in the front room of all the winter stuff. I think I'm going to spend the break organizing clothes... Lots of snowpants, hats, gloves, coats... trying to sort through what we have and see what can still be handed down and of use and what we've got too many doubles of or what has served it's purpose in life and needs to move on. Like we have over 20 gloves that don't have a match, it's crazy! Gloves and mittens are as bad as tupperware lids and unmatched socks. I think Corey was glad to leave me in my mess. Getting organized is always a process that looks really messy before it looks better.

So Corey took them up around 5 - he had a phone call at 6 so he wanted to be up there before that, plus there was a storm coming it. They made it up before roads were bad, good. And 5 minutes after they left Owen threw up in the kitchen, (on the tile, yay!) so I was very glad it hadn't happened in the car. So I'm here with Owen and Daniel and Joseph and Mel. Joseph and Melodie didn't finish their "you're free to go to park city" tasks cause they were too busy doing homework. Good kids. They didn't mind staying though as it allowed them more time to finish up. Before they headed up, the kids had spent the morning and yesterday playing the usual creative games and Legos. Lily and Sophi dressed themselves up as Lemon and Plum from Strawberry Shortcake. Complete with yellow and purple hair made with some shirts. It made me laugh, they are pretty creative kids
Melodie made a guinea pig out of sculpy clay for the kids to use as a pet in their Lego City. Wesley made a cage for it, complete with water bottle, timothy hay, and an igloo. Again, I was very impressed with his creativity~
Natalie and Sophi also have a new game they play with all the ikea cups in the house. Natalie calls it "castle"
Owen is addicted to the train game on Corey's phone. We can't get out phone out without Owen coming and crying for it. So I haven't been on my phone much lately, which is probably a good thing. Sometimes we can distract him with his toy phone.
I think Corey is enjoying his night without Owen, no offense Owen. But you're sick anyway, so I'm glad you're here. Aside from the throwing up he's had a bit of a fever. Hopefully we'll all be well enough to make it to the feast tomorrow.
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