Tuesday, November 15, 2016


This past Saturday morning, the kids found some suckers above the fridge and passed them out. There was a stash up there that they had forgotten about, provided by Joseph when he got asked on a date. Corey saw the kids and said "Who gave the little kids suckers?!? WHY do we have SuCkERs in this house?!?!" He thought I had passed them out from the Halloween loot, but no my dear, there are no suckers left there. But yes, these also came into our house by no choice of ours. Corey and I have an equal dislike for suckers. Mostly cause when Owen sees people with them he wants one, and then leaves sticky hand prints and slobbery drops of drool all over the carpet and couch and windows and tables etc. I am glad there were suckers in the house for this sweet moment/memory on October 16th. Ethan had a sucker, Owen came up and sat on his lap, and each time Ethan brought he sucker up to his mouth, Owen opened his mouth like a little bird, hoping for a taste. I wished I had the video camera recording cause it was so cute... Owen would watched it come up and have his mouth open, then see it go in Ethan's mouth, and he'd close his mouth as he watched Ethan enjoy the sugary sweetness ~ Ethan pretending he didn't notice the babe on his lap who was dreaming of suckers. They repeated it several times, Owen just being their hopeful and patient. Then Ethan turned and looked at him and Owen gave him the cutest cheesy "OH, HI! HOW'S IT GOING, Oh I'm just sitting here having a good time" smiley grin we'd ever seen. We all laughed at how sweetly adorable and patient he was being. Then we gave him a sucker.
Then the kids got the camera for me (I was stuck on the couch nursing) but yeah, wish I'd gotten a video of that, it would have gone viral for sure.
Owen you're such a sweetie. 
So back to Saturday, other than the sweet sucker moment above, we hate suckers. Corey took the remaining suckers and was going to throw them in the garbage, but then thought a "will it blend" experiment would be more fun. Cause we do have a Blend-Tec. Into the blender they went. The kids were watching excitedly. And now we know that suckers blend very well. Corey left the paper wrappers on. Plus the sticks made paper confetti too...
Smelled like cotton candy "Don't breath this!"
Lily was upset with her father after that. "I didn't think you'd really do it!" And Corey had to spend some time tickling her as he taught her the evils of suckers and cotton candy. Cotton candy is pretty easy to avoid, but suckers and other hard candies are trickier. We'll see how long we made it without hard candy around here. Candy canes anyone?
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