Monday, November 21, 2016

Baby Blessing

Daniel was given his name and blessing yesterday at church. Here are some pictures of when Owen was blessed last year. So the fun tradition here is that all our boys have been blessed in the same outfit Corey was blessed in 40 years ago. Pretty fun. I took some pictures of Daniel before church - after I'd nursed him plenty and then topped him off with a bit more formula. He was nice and full.
He looked a little uncomfortably stuffed actually... Like he was communicating "If you touch or move me while I attempt to digest all this stuff or there's a good chance I'll throw it up all over you..." So I just let him sit there while I took pictures. He did give me this nice "thinker" pose all on his own~
...and a smile!
I'm in love with this little guy, we're so glad he's here. One thing Corey said in the blessing was that he would be a comfort to his mother, which sounds innocent enough, but the way it was said made me think he'll keep me company and be my help as I'm a widow cause Corey died of stress from work. Hopefully a wrong impression...
Family came for the blessing, I didn't try to short hand it at all this time cause I have a voice recorder on my phone! For most of the kids I have a few things from their blessings written. but Owen's and Natalie's blessings weren't documented at all. Lucky Daniel has got the whole thing, lucky boy. 

What else - he had his 2 month appointment today - he's 11+ lbs and was sad today if his legs got touched or moved at all. If he moved them on his own, that got him upset and then he'd kick out of frustration, making them hurt and him cry and kick even more - vicious cycle. He did much better after a little bit of Tylenol. So, that's the Daniel update. He's a keeper.
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