Friday, November 25, 2016

Mission Organization

So, I'm happy that this weekend I got all the winter stuff organized. Getting organized is a task that is always on my to do list, since these kids are growing and changing every year and we're always switching things around to decide what is the new way that things work best. Last month we moved the big ikea shelf thing that I loved for the girls room over to Hyrum and Wesley's room, until I have the money in the budget to get another one, cause H&W have a small closet and need more room for storage. The girls really shouldn't have so many toys in there anyway... they can't keep that much stuff clean and organized with out a lot of help from me and Mel, and neither of us has time for cleaning up all their toys.
So I was glad that I remembered to take a picture of their rooms before I changed it. Usually I don't remember until the room is torn apart. Now that can always remember these versions of their childhood bedrooms
Currently in the hot seat for organizing is the laundry room. I've decided that the laundry room shall be a room strictly for clothes and sewing. ...Not that I've sewn anything at all for a long time. That never happened cause the laundry room was also (supposed to be) my work area - which was always a mess cause the kids would go there for paper, tape, and any creative projects they wanted to do. We all just love being creative with paper way too much around here. So it's been a mess since we got back from Brazil last year, but it was organized for those few months we were gone! Which is proof enough for me to believe that my life would be one of calm and order if I didn't have children. And in 20 years when they're all gone I will enjoy the order and quiet. But right now, that is just not a realistic expectation for a mother to have. All my drawers of papers and markers etc haven't been moved to my new area yet but shall be soon. The goal is that once everything really is in order that I will actually have time to sew or craft if needed, and that the kids will have a space to be creative too, which will be in the basement, not in the laundry room any more! We're gonna keep all markers and glue and paper downstairs where hopefully none of us will see it. Ugh, it's just too much. So with that goal in mind, all the clothes that were in storage in the basement (last 2 pics) have now been moved up. The basement is still a mess, not having yet recovered from me moving my work area down there to give Corey an at home office. We'll get there! If only every week were a 5 day weekend!
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