Thursday, November 10, 2016

Talk or Text?

Ethan has a good friend from his band in American Fork. And it's a girl. And they like to text. But then Ethan for some reason had his phone privileges restricted. So he couldn't text her. So last night he called her... and miracle or miracle, those two teens talked! And they talked some more... for three hours. Corey has been trying to get the boys to actually call girls and have live conversations and now Ethan finally understands the wisdom his father was trying to impart. "It was fun! I learned a LOT about her!" Then after a reflective pause... "...and that would have taken YEARS to text...."
From what I can tell they have a fun silly teasing relationship that seems like how my relationship with Corey was back when we were teens (although I don't know if their friendship includes her totally obsessing over him in private...) Long phone calls into the night were a part of our courtship. Glad to see we're passing a bit of the tradition on to the next generation. Good times
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