Friday, November 18, 2016

Maid Day

So, we had a maid come on Wednesday. About 10 days ago a guy from our neighborhood who served a mission in Brazil and always talks Brazil stuff with Corey told him that he has a friend from Brazil who is a maid and is looking for more work. Corey said sure. So he got Patricia's number. She came by Tuesday to look around and give an estimate of the time and cost, and said she'd be back in the morning. That's fine. Corey told her that I wasn't so sure about it, cause in the perfect world that I'm striving for my children help with all that cleaning stuff. So Corey told her in a nice way that I'm not very committed. So Wednesday worked out pretty good cause I was gone for a few hours for a scripture study group at church and I'd kinda prefer to not be here when another person is in my domain. She came at 7:30 a.m. A good thing about that though was that it made me get up and exercise and bathe before she showed up. So, I was up and ready for the day. But also couldn't relaly relax at all the whole day. But she was nice and it was fine - a little long time wise, she was here for 8 hours. Still, I really can't complain, it was nice to have the main floor so clean. She had a fresh pair of eyes to notice things that are dirty that are too low on the list of things to clean for me to notice. She worked on the main floor and I stayed upstairs most of the day folding laundry and cleaning up there. I also got to spend a lot of time enjoying this little piece of heaven:
It is too pricey for our budget to do regularly right now, but we were glad to do it once to help her out. And again, it was super nice to have the main floor so clean. And with me working upstairs, that's 2/3 rds of the house that is decent looking right now, yay! It was a little weird though - to have a part of our life in Brazil up here in this life and house - a little twilight zone going on. The kids noticed it too when the walked in from school - it was all clean and it just smelled like chemicals, like a Brazilian maid had been working her magic or something! Yes children, that is what happened. Don't get used to it though, slackers! I told Corey I'm willing to have Patricia come again, and she was super sweet and nice, I even said that with a little bit of time to get more familiar with her, I could see myself letting her come every month or every 3 weeks if he'd like - but we just have to have the money to blow for it first. But if any of you want to try it out, we'll get you in touch with her :)
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