Friday, March 17, 2017


Ethan has wanted contacts for a while, like 2+ years. I've put it off for several reasons. 1) It is new territory for us, as neither Corey or I have glasses or contacts. 2) I don't know the costs it involves. I kinda wanted Mel to blaze this path first, plus she likes glasses. 3) I've put it off cause it seemed like such a hassle to have to do a separate exam for contacts, don't know why they can't just give a contacts prescription at the same eye exam (lame imho). So, Corey suggested we do it as a gesture of love. I thought that doing it as a birthday present would make it doable for me to be willing to go through the sacrifices of inconvenience involved. And birthday would cover the cost of it. So I finally scheduled it and off we went on Friday afternoon. It was a pretty long wait to see the opthamologist. I was hoping we'd just be an hour, so in my bad judgement I didn't bring a bottle for Daniel. My bad. Next time I'll be better prepared. But Daniel was a trooper and only fussed for a little bit of the freaking FOUR HOUR LONG event. His appointment was at 3:30. So it was about a 25 minutes were the drive each way, and we spent one hour was waiting and having the exam, and 40 minutes waiting for someone to help us with the contacts (I think they were a bit understaffed today) during which time we looked around at glasses just for fun, check out Daniel in these baby glasses!!!
Here's Daniel giving Ethan his "I'm a Librarian/teacher annoyed at you cause you're being noisy/a smartalec" glare
Ethan tried on a few frames, he liked these Napoleon Dynamite lenses that helped him pull off a pretty good Kip impression. He made this pic for his GroupMe friends.
And then the rest of the time was spent with Ethan trying to figure out how to get a contact on his eyeball. That started at 5:30...
It took FOREVER. He was tired and frustrated and felt like crying but he held it in. He was really tired from getting up super early and he felt like he was in some strange eternal dream where you can't do simple things. Like dreams where you're trying to run but can't get your legs to move, or dreams where you are trying to open your eyes but they just won't open. That is how he felt.
He just kept trying and trying to get an invisible and slippery Orbeez (as he described it) to balance on his finger and then put it on his eye and he felt it was impossible.
Finally at 6:30 he got it in! 5 minutes later he got it in the other eye, it was a miracle.
He was very happy and so was I, cause now we could leave. So he gets to try these out for a week and then we'll come back next Friday for a follow up to see how he likes them and how they feel and stuff. Fun fun, Happy Birthday Eth, glad you had a birthday to make me willing to do this I guess? #FirstWorldProblems

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