Monday, March 6, 2017

Waking Up at 3 a.m.

I woke up at 3:00 this morning and figured I'd shovel the driveway, cause Corey is going to Seattle again. He wasn't leaving until 5:30, but I wanted the snow shoveled before we drove on it, so now is as good a time as 4:30. I just have to shovel it before it gets driven on, it's part of my north facing house curse/OCD syndrome. If it's last minute shoveling, I'll hurry and plow one line for each row of tires, which has about a 50% chance of lining up when we actually put the car in reverse and pull out. Last night Joseph said he'd take Corey, thinking that would be good cause Joseph could head straight to school to put up their SBO campaign posters. But when 5:15 rolled around for him to get up and get ready, his slumbering incoherence gave the impression that he might want to change plans. Just as well, I was glad to be able to talk with Corey on the drive there. After dropping him off at 6 I began my wake up calls. First to Jospeh - no answer, then to Hyrum, no answer. Melodie - hooray! She picked up, "Will you go wake up Ethan and Hyrum and Wes..." she replied with a drowsy "ok". Then call back "Oh, and Jospeh too. Even though it's late start today, he has to be there at 7 to put up posters." When I got home, Melodie said it was kind of annoying to wake them, cause they lay there and roll over and groan and won't open their eyes and say "I'm so tired!" Yeah, it's annoying. She suggested I don't wake anyone up anymore. Well, I don't think that will work, cause then they'll miss carpool for sure and thus also school for the rest of the year. And that is not allowed if they are enrolled in public school, so then I'd be driving them in each morning. I guess I'd rather be a daily alarm clock than a chauffeur.

Speaking of waking up kids, I have been waking up at 3am this past year more than I would like. Usually it's at Ethan's request. That request often comes after a long day of band practices (Tues and Wed) when he's exhausted and would rather crash and wake up super early to do homework than to try and stay up to complete it in his exhausted state. Thus the reason for this picture taken last Wednesday at 4 a.m.
I got up to wake up Ethan, and whilst I was momentarily absent from feeding my teddy bear, he decided to wake up. So I brought him downstairs where there was someone who could "play" with him. His adorableness helped Eth wake up too, thus why Ethan asked to hold him.
Daniel doesn't know yet that humans are not supposed to be chipper and happy in the wee hours of the morning. Humans don't like 3am, or 4 am. Or 5 am. Most humans tolerate 6, but they don't like it. So get that smile off your face, Daniel! Waking up Ethan at 3 a.m. is something I'd like to stop doing, and according to this article is something I should stop doing for my teenagers. But alas, this is the life we've chosen (aka public school, I wish everyone homeschooled) and usually no one wakes up around here without me doing it. And coming back to double check and triple check that they've gotten out of bed. Yes, something I'd like to stop, but I've been surprised that getting up doesn't seem to bother me lately. Daniel usually sleeps so well that I'm not feeling exhausted like I did with Owen. I guess I've gotten used to the school mornings. I haven't been doing my morning jog or caught a nap for a while (like since Corey's last trip to Brazil last month and this past week in Seattle) hence why my left eye is probably so red and irritated... all dried up. I guess that's probably a hint that I need more shut eye, maybe I'll go take a nap

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