Thursday, March 30, 2017

Toddler Pedicure

I got a kick out of seeing Sophi clipping Natalie's toenails last week on Ethan's birthday. Natalie was laying there all comfy cozy on a pillow while receiving her pedicure, talking outloud as she pointed to and named the colors on the Birthday banner that was hanging up ~
Sophi was working very diligently on Natalie's toes. It was a cute moment.
I get a little nervous when they want to clip their own nails and toes, but Sophi's ready for independence in this area. She hasn't hurt herself yet, but I get nervous cause, as stated below ,it can be..
I made Daniel bleed once, I'm sure I've done it to other kids once or twice but I don't remember, but Daniel is fresh in my mind, I felt so bad! So far Sophi hasn't hurt herself and she didn't hurt Natalie here, so I guess I'll let them keep trying and learning.

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