Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Treasure Boxes

This past Sunday, we had a little FHE lesson that I was excited about. I had been thinking and planning it for a few weeks as a Valentine/Anniversay activity, so we're a little late for both of those, but today was the only time so far that would work with Corey being in Brazil and he's going to be gone this whole upcoming week too. There were several parts to it, but by 10 pm we'd finally finished all I wanted to do.

Part 1 - we started off before dinner with me reading to the kids the message from President Monson in the February Engisn about love and treasure. I had a treasure box like the mother in that story did, and I put pictures of the kids in it like she did. I used my collection of 2 month baby pictures that used to be on the wall but have since been moved to storage box status. I didn't have 2 month pics of Natalie through Daniel, but thankfully they are too young to notice. I take that back, Natalie noticed. So note to self: find and print some kind of "about 2 month" pictures for N through D. It's hard to keep up with traditions when stores close and times change. Anyway, so that was part 1.
Part 2 - They made their own treasure boxes. I got some photo boxes at Michaels and also printed up photo of each of them when they were little and a current photo. We were going to make things like this to put in the lid of their boxes to serve as little reminders of who they are and who they want to become - similar to a childhood handout that was made for me as part of a church lesson when I was in 6th grade.
I think it's kinda cool that I've kept that church handout for almost 30 years. I should write my teacher and let her know. Here are some of the kids lids:
Lily's new treasure box is now placed safely next to her trophy from 2014, which was here very first trophy!!! (You gotta look at her little face in that link there, so cute.)
Natalie - we didn't finish hers yet, but I'm not in a hurry since I know she won't be the one taking care of it. I'll probably make treasure boxes for Nat, Owen and D in like 5 years or so
Hyrum - he was the CUTEST toddler
Wesley and Hyrum both used as their treasure boxes some wood boxes that Corey's dad made for them for Christmas a few years ago.
Ok, after that activity was done enough to call it good, we got to Part 3: our fancy dinner for our "anniversary/happy birthday to our family". It is the only "party" that I am still doing each year. It wasn't as "party" as I would have liked, but with Corey gone in Brazil and leaving tomorrow for Seattle and us being gone in San Diego, this will have to do. 
We still need a bigger table. We have limited space to put it though... anyone know anyone who can do a custom built in dining area? I'd like to have benches built in all around the bay window and then a big table that fits in with it,
Lastly, Part 4: before bed I gave them one more thing to put in their treasure boxes. I first showed them a corsage that we have in our room that Corey wore on our wedding day. This very corsage was there on that day. It's kinda fun how physical objects have an ability to tie us to a moment in time i the past. They can tie us to the future too... and then I showed them some white ties and bracelets I bought. But the ties were for the girls and a white pearl bracelet (not real pearls) were for the boys. "If you want, you can give this to your fiance for your wedding day. When you see this tie I want you to think about him. He is out there, he is going to be the most important person in your entire life! When you see this tie I want you to think about him and pray for him that he is choosing the right and will be ready and worthy when the two of you are married. And this tie might be around his neck on that day when you are sealed.... or this bracelet will be around her wrist..." and then I said the same things about the bracelet, with a "no pressure/if you want" disclosure: this bracelet is going to be there on that day! Wesley gave me a cute look of "Woah..." as he held the bracelet very carefully. I'll have to ask the kids for some direct quotes of their thoughts, but it will be fun to see who of them actually keeps it and gives it on their wedding day. I think with 11 kids we have about a chance for atleast 5 of them doing it. :) Kinda fun to share ideas and traditions, you never know which ones might still be around in 30 years
Thank you Sister Olds!

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