Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Leader of the Pack

So, here I am again in a too quiet house. A big part of me misses the loud and busy fun of family life, as it is the daily life I've come to know and love. Another small part of me feels like 3 days is not a long enough break. There is still so much I need to do and haven't done, and those things soon will be on the back burner again cause I've only barely almost taken care of the basics these past 48 hours. Oh well. So, I'm am here alone with Daniel (who is kinda sad about all this quiet)...

I am alone because, as I said yesterday, Corey left on Sunday for a trip for spring break. He took with him 10 kids and 3 Chileans. So, he called me Sunday night after the first leg of their journey and said he thinks he's officially reached his level of difficulty. Lol. I apologized for not going, he said it was okay... as he said he appreciated that I went along for our other 4 crazy international adventures. I was just feeling really frazzled on Saturday, and after listening to Sister Bonnie Cordon's talk, and realizing I'm off balance, I knew going on a trip is not going to give me any relief. Vacations with kids are a lot of work during the trip and a lot for mom when it's over (laundry and trying to get kids to unpack). I had originally planned to go with them, and I probably would have gone, but he just booked a trip to Brazil again and will be leaving me on April 1st for 8 days. I said I could probably manage Vegas okay, but anticipated that I'd be running really low on fuel during the week after when he was gone. He obliged. I had to call several friends to see if it was okay for me to not go, cause I've never abandoned Corey like this. He abandons me now and then, sure, but I'm on my home turf when he leaves. I wouldn't like to be abandoned on the road. Here is a picture of Corey from the last time he abandoned me, this time for business in Seattle. That time it was just for 4 days.
So they are enjoying their second day in Las Vegas, mostly swimming I assume. Later this week I'll try to post pictures of anything exciting that transpired. One detail of the adventure that I do know about was from Sunday night. When I called him at 5:30 to see their status, he said they were checking in. He sounded a little frazzled himself and said he needed to go. When he called me later, he told me about what it was like checking in to the Hotel in St. George. Here the kids are on the stairs of the St. George temple - photo courtesy of Ethan's Instagram page, which was followed by this caption: "The Wrides. we are short, have big hands, bit feet, and nice eyebrows (there are four more wrides)
Corey used our timeshare there in St. George, and Worldmark is pretty verbally strict on occupancy limits. Corey is an obedient guy, so he takes it seriously. (That was another reason why I didn't go, we were 16 with me and we only had room space for 14 cause Daniel and Owen count.) At the desk they had him fill out on a paper the names and ages of each person who was staying. He let her know that this was one of the reasons his wife didn't come, because of their strict policy. He said this hoping to get a little bit of sympathy and his room key and parking pass. He said it trying to point out to the check in lady that he was in charge of this trip, with all the people he just listed, all by himself. As he's trying to fill out the paper, the lady invited him to attend a presentation to win a prize. "I don't think I'm going to be able to..." said the single father with 10 kids and 3 Chileans in tow. She asked him again and again and again. He looked at her with pleading eyes that said "Really? Look, just give me my parking pass..." "You can come by yourself!" she offered. He said he felt bad that she was so lacking dignity to keep asking him to come when he should have obviously seemed a little high strung already. His look again said "Will you show mercy please?" She reminded him of the prizes... "You could win $1000 dollars!! Wouldn't your wife be happy if you came home with $1000 dollars?!?" "I'm probably not going to come." "Well it would be really great to see you..." I was laughing as he was telling me this. He said "We should just show up there, all 14 of us, that'd teach her..."

So, Corey's been a trooper. He called yesterday evening as he was on his way to the store to try to figure out something to feed everyone to eat for dinner. Been there, poor guy, sorry I couldn't help. His parents are down there with his sister and her family, and he said they came by tonight with pizza for everyone, which was very kind. To my sweetheart, thank you for your sacrifice in doing this trip alone and letting me stay home for a little quiet time. We miss you, see you tomorrow!

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