Friday, March 3, 2017

Plum Leg Warmers

Natalie and Sophi have been playing with their Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Dolls this morning. I've been purging our clothes storage (took two huge leaf bags to the thrift store yesterday) and they got distracted helping me as I looked through shoes and clothes for them. Sophi found some purple shoes and was excited "Now I can be Plum!" If only she had leg warmers. I said I could make her some. We looked through my material but I didn't have enough purple cloth, so I said I'd get some on the next trip to the store. I continued to go through the clothes when lo and behold, we found a pair of purple pants. They were the perfect color! And enough material for leg warmers! In fact, most of the work was already done. Natalie and Sophi were being pretty cute and amazed at me as I got out the sewing machine and showed off my amazing sewing skills. Yes, I can sew a straight line! Sophi kept hugging me and was being super affectionate, telling me that it was okay and she wasn't mad at me for cutting the pants. And asking me about when I learned how to do such cool sewing stuff.
Yes, they were a perfectly good pair of clothing, but that's okay. I cut them in half and sewed up the leg and voilĂ ! Leg warmers! The elastic around the waist is now above Sophi's calves and I think they look just like the Plum doll.
Then we put her hair in a pony tail to finish off the look.
Maybe we'll put curlers in her hair for church on Sunday. Then her pony tail will be curly too and I bet she could be playing Plum all next week. She makes a pretty good Plum. An improvement from the last Plum outfit. Who knows, If I really clear out all the clutter around here I might enjoy sewing little costumes for whatever they're currently imagining, that would be fun.

In other news, Corey has spent the week in Seattle, his plane arrives tonight at 7:30. Then he flies out again on Monday. After 3+ weeks of him being gone recently, it is staring to feel pretty normal. Even the kids aren't asking much where Dad is. I hope they don't attack him too much this weekend. Kids, we want him to be happy at home, we can't maul him. I'm hoping that the more clutter and excess I clear out, the calmer the kids will be, the less stressed I will be, and maybe that will even carry over to how they treat Corey. We're going for calm kids! Calm and clean, we can do it!

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