Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Missed Alarm

This morning I missed my alarm and didn't wake up the kids, thus everyone was running late. Is it kinda ironic to sleep in the day after I write a post about how I'm the family alarm clock? It wasn't on purpose. Actually it's probably the shoveling snow at 3 am that did me in, especially cause I never got a nap. I guess I do have physical limits. So last night I went to bed at a decent hour, but I had also been gone all day, so I had to charge my phone, and my side of the bed doesn't have a night stand, so I plug it in across the room. I went to bed trusting that I'd be woken up several times during the night, as usual, and would grab it then. I have the alarms set on a very low volume cause I can wake up to it fine that quiet and cause I don't want to give any loud alarms the chance to possibly wake up the sleeping baby next to me. So anyway, Daniel slept through the night, I slept through the night, I woke up at 6:45 and sat up right away... it is light outside the window, and I don't think it's a Saturday... we're late! I looked out under the crack of our door as I got dressed to see if the bathroom light was on (the kids always leave on the light) and nope, it wasn't. I bet that that means everyone is still sleeping! Go to peek in their rooms and sure thing - Joseph and Ethan were supposed to be at Jazz band at 6:30 but they were still in bed. Woke them up - "It's 6:45" Go to wake up Mel "Mel, it's 6:45..." (she had to catch carpool in 5 minutes. She is great at hussling and getting out of the door quick and she made it. Hyrum left on time at 7:10 for carpool, Ethan staggered out the door at 7:20 for the same carpool as Hyrum and was lucky that they waited for him.  Wes left at 7:30, then I went to wake up Lily, Abi was already awake from the 6:45 frenzy. Abi and Lily left at 8:30. Lily had time to read and do her math before she left. And that was our school morning. Have I mentioned that the kids are at 4 schools? This will be the last year of that though. Our kids attend two different school districts and one of them moved the 6th grade to middle school before the 2013-14 school year, the year when Ethan was going into 6th, so we've had to go to the middle school for Eth through Wes, but next year the other district is moving 6th to junior high too, and the 9th to high school~ so no more 4 schools when Abi is entering 6th grade. Something else that is kinda fun - next year we'll have a kids in all 4 grades at Skyline. It's fun to go to school with your siblings, atleast I thought it was.

So I think the chaos we experienced this morning wasn't too bad and was worth the full night of sleep I got. Maybe it's time to let the kids own their own waking time... maybe it will help them go to bed earlier?

What else happened today... I'll mention one good thing and one bad.

Good thing: The kids played really nice today, lots of delightful moments. Hyrum, Abi and Wes took Owen sledding earlier which was cute but I didn't get any pictures. After they got back and were able to watch Daniel, I took Mel to buy new jeans at Kid 2 Kid. I love that store. Unfortunately I got a little excited looking at toys as Mel was trying the clothes on. I was shaking my head at myself, wondering why do I complain about all the excess we have, and then let myself go looking around the toy isle?! I have a problem and need to stay away from toys. But I was looking for classic toys, so I did end up getting a wood puzzle, some wood blocks, and another wood toy.
So we got home from there the same time as Joseph and Ethan got back from Voodoo.

Bad thing: As I get in the house, a few of my "informer" kids come and tell me Ethan, who had been home for seriously less than 2 minutes, had already so bugged and upset Hyrum that Hyrum threw something at Ethan. And now the computer is being weird. Turns out Hyrum hit the computer with the small Bose remote that he threw at Ethan's head, and thus cracked the monitor. One of the new monitors we just got like 2 months ago. Great.
I texted Corey to vent, and it took about 10 minutes of big sighs and breaths before I wanted to talk to them. Stinkers. Please control your tempers! Hyrum was in tears, Ethan apologized, and then they went their separate ways. The rest of the kids kept playing in the front room. Joseph got Owen dancing which was funny and I started to record it. (warning: Natalie gets a little loud)

Soon they were playing Ring around the Rosey in the front room. It was cute to watch. (Glad I wasn't doing it, it can get exhausting cause the kids never want to stop!)

They have their rough moments just like I do, but overall they are great kids and we have a lot of fun. We just need your father to make loads of money to pay for all the breaks and cracks from this fallen world. Chin up, somehow we'll survive the fender benders and broken monitors.

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