Thursday, March 9, 2017

Elf Crowns

On Monday, Lily and Sophi were making crowns. Sophi and Natalie had blue paper "Elsa" crowns, and Lily made Elf crowns. She made one for Daniel. Can you tell he likes being an Elf?
When he gets excited he tried to eat your shoulder. Watch out Lil, he's about to chomp on ya!
As I've been clearing out toys a bit, I've taken another trunk full of stuff to the DI. I pass a DI on Mondays when I take Wesley to New Bop, so Monday is my new DI Day. I'm glad to see the kids getting creative using paper. Markers are probably going to go. Up till now I've had a hard time resisting buying them at the store. But I just gave the little girls some new markers that I'd held on to that were meant for stocking stuffers on Christmas. And they love them, but they leave the lids off. So after 2 days when I find one again that's been without it's lid for a few days, I just throw it in the trash. From here on out, so help me, I'll save the money. We'll keep paper though. Yes, it makes a mess, but it's okay cause I know I can just throw it all way. If I throw away something they wanted, then hooray, they get to make it again! Paper is a good toy. Creativity is good.

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