Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ready for the Day

It's fun having a big family and seeing just how many different varieties of children can come from the same two parents. They are all similar in many ways but also very different. Take the morning routine, for example. Most of them don't want to wake up, which I'm sure is typical of most school age children. But they'll take different approaches. Joseph can usually get up and ready with an hour of time or just 15 minutes. If it's less than 15 minutes he'll be late. Mel will occasionally not get up during the first two wake up calls and then find herself jumping out of bed with just 10 minutes before she has to leave and I'm always impressed that she makes it out the door in just 10 minutes. Ethan can get up really early if he must to finish up homework, but generally he's slow out of bed, slow getting ready, and running a little late when it's time to get out the door. We often accuse him that he doesn't have a "hustle" mode. Wesley likes to take his time, so he likes an hour/hour and a half to slowly do all the things. Abi will usually wake up early on her own and brush and brush her hair and change outfits 5 times. Lily I have to drag out of bed and I have to watch her like a hawk until she's out the door... If I help her get mostly ready and tell her to finish up and get her socks on or something and then I go take a shower, I'll come out 5 or 20 minutes later and she'll be in her room distracted by something and won't have her socks on yet. I have to watch her and make sure each part of the morning routine gets done until she's got shoes and back pack and coat on and out to catch the bus. Thankfully I don't have to take her to the bus stop.

Hyrum takes a different approach to the mornings. This morning, like most mornings, Hyrum woke up an hour before he had to leave, and got ready as quickly as possible so that he could set his alarm and go back to bed. Here he is in his bed with his shoes on, ready for the clock to ring at 7:10 so he could grab his backpack and go to school.
Pretty funny. Usually he takes a nap on the couch with his phone as an alarm, so I'm not sure what was behind this full on sleep mode in his bed, but it made me laugh to see.

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