Friday, April 21, 2017

Another Friday

Another Friday... another week of school survived, but just barely. Wesley was reading a book tonight, face flat in the book. A comic book too, so it should have kept his interest, but I guess that's the exhaustion these kids feel. Heck, even the kids that don't go to school feel it, as shown by Owen below.
Well, his might not be school exhaustion. But I think he tries to get sleep on behalf of his siblings. Owen was being a little couch potato here watching cartoon on pbs. Funny little guy, he looks comfortable.
Tonight Melodie attended a concert at GMS in support of one of her classmates. We dropped Melodie off there and then went to eat at Rodizio at Trolly Square. We had a coupon and I wasn't particularly hungry but we were feeling like reminiscing about Brazil tonight. I had somehow forgotten about farofa! I was full when I went back for one more taste and saw the farofa and just had to get some with beans and rice. We need to have that stuff imported or find a store where they sell it here. As of now we do not have any plans in place to go down. Owen's and Daniel's passports have arrived but we haven't applied for Visas yet.

After stuffing ourselves, we went to pick up Mel at GMS. We went inside and I really liked all the quotes they had in the halls -
Although they made me kick myself for not being more musical. Hopefully my self taught piano lessons in Brazil can help redeem my brain. Although I haven't kept up with it since we've been back.
Perhaps that's another mark for the pro column to go to Brazil again - we probably won't have may distractions so if the kids bring their instruments we can all just go deep and play music all day. I'll have Mel teach me some flute!
Joseph really wishes he played piano. Perhaps I'll grant his wish upon his younger siblings and will get them started with lessons. It's important! I think I'll go play right now and see if I can remember any of the simplified hymns I started learning almost exactly two years ago!

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