Monday, April 10, 2017

Baby Pianist

Today Corey returned from a trip to Brazil. We are always grateful when he is safe back at home. Owen missed him. Owen and Corey are still trying to establish a healthy relationship. I don't have time to think about how much I miss Corey cause these little guys keep me so busy and distracted. They are just so cute and precious. Here are a few pictures of him from yesterday (he likes the piano!)
If he gets a chance to bang it, he will. And he's super observant or something, cause he even knows where the power and volume buttons are. He can't turn off the power, but he trys to grab the volume thing and is and will fidget with it until it's turned all the way off.
Sometimes the kids take it off it's stand and set it right on the carpet. This gives Daniel full access to the keyboard and he bangs and bangs it. It gives them the freedom to do other things if they don't have Daniel on their lap. But we all just adore him, such a cute little guy. Hyrum's nick name for him is "Thigh Boy".
He is chubby chubby, we love it!

Another thing from this weekend - we got a crazy spring snow storm on Saturday night. Just a ton of snow, looked like 2 feet, might have only been 10 inches, I'm not sure. It started in the evening, and I was out on the road. I had just dropped Ethan off at a Stake dance out by Churchill, and on the way home it was so hard to see, it is the worst storm I have ever driven in. It came down fast and the roads were not plowed as I drove. I could not see the lines on the road, and could hardly see the side walls and barriers to even let me know if I was on the road in the right place. I prayed and made it home safely, but man. It also took me 5 times to get up our driveway. I was in Corey's car, and that car does not like snow.
Then yesterday on the way to church it looked like a winter war zone. The trees that were full of blossoms and growing leaves had a lot of surface area to catch and hold all the snow. There were broken branches everywhere. It almost all melted by evening, but it was crazy. It looks nice this morning though! Crazy Utah weather! 

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